A Fund Isaan alumni: part ten: An

In 2011, An was in her third year at Cheupleung Witthaya School, when her teachers recommended her to become a Fund Isaan scholarship student.

An lived with her 65 years old grandmother and three cousins, she had no brothers or sisters. Her parents divorced when she was eight years old. An’s mother had since left and lost contact with her family. An’s father worked as a day laborer in Bangkok and sent some money (3,000 baht) home every month.

An always obtained high grades at school and would like to study further and become a nurse. Later in the same year An’s grandmother, who had multiple health issues, passed away. An had to move to Bangkok to stay with her aunt.

An continued her study at Wat Puttha Bucha School, managed by a Buddhist temple. During the school week An stayed at the dormitory in the temple and in the weekends she stayed with her aunt who was working at a factory in Bangkok.

An graduated from high school a year later and continued her study at Durakit Bandit University in Bangkok. She chose to study Marketing because she would like to become a marketer. At university, An had a lot of friends and seemed very happy with her life. Unfortunately, in 2014 we suddenly lost all contact with An.

Recently we were able to trace An down. “I never forgot about Fund Isaan,” she said, “I was too scared because I did not finish my study. I stopped when you tried to help me, I was ashamed.”

An told us that she got married in 2015. She has a baby son now. They live happily in their own house in Samut Prakarn province. An is taking an evening class in general management, she is still pursuing a diploma to get a better job in the future. An’s husband sells baked goods (crepes) at flea markets. His small business is going quite well. An is still in contact with her aunt and cousins in Surin.

Lastly, An would like to apologize for her “disappearance” in the past. She still believes that she let many people down. However, she never forgot to know someone far away cared about her. She still believes in the importance of a good education, that is why she is continuing her study via evening classes. She promised to be a good mother, a good citizen and bring up her son well.