Congratulations to all our 2023 alumni

We are so proud to report that 26 of our scholarship students graduated earlier this year! Most of them meanwhile found employment in line with their education.

Congratulations to;

Kwan, Ryo, Nid, Beam and Om with their degree in nursing and Chon with her degree in Public Health;

Benz, Tee, Aoy, Seesad, Pook and Pan with their teachers degree;

Arm, Dom with their degree in construction and/or welding;

Nick, Ploy, Lek and Note with their bachelor degree in English;

Ploy, Jed and Ong with their degree in computer science and/or engineering;

Som, Numnim, Eae with their degree in office or business management and accounting;

Kit with his degree in logistics and Bam with her degree in animal science.

We are extremely impressed with the results of our new alumnis, we also want to thank our sponsors for their support.