Imagine you are a bright 15 year old student. Your mother lives 450 kilometers away trying to make a living as day laborer for a construction firm. Your father has a drinking problem and lots of debts. That's why you and your two brothers and sister live with your disabled grandparents. You have to help them with the household and the farm. You have one meal a day. When your grandparents’ health does get worse you will have to take over the farm or look for a job elsewhere to feed your family.

Not really a very bright future? Maybe you believe the example is exaggerated. Regretfully it is not. This is the actual situation a majority of the children in Isaan is facing. 

No surprise that children are not really motivated to study. The family can’t effort the cost and need the children to raise some money. That’s were Fund Isaan lends a helping hand. In close cooperation with local schools we identify children with high potential but limited financial resources. After a screening process, including a visit to the family, we grant scholarships to these students taking away the pressure to stop school and start working. At the same time we give a strong message to these children: “you matter, your personal development is important to us”.

With this financial and moral support kids are better armed and motivated to continue their studies. Meanwhile we stay in touch with the children, their school and their parents or custodian. If possible we link a child to a specific sponsor. With a very small contribution everybody can become a sponsor. Thanks to our cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation we can provide sponsors with a tax certificate allowing you to deduct your contribution from your taxable income. Thanks to the international network of the Foundation this is possible in most EU countries and the US. For only 20 €/month or 240 €/year you can change the live of a child, its family and in the long run the community the child is living in.