December 2020: Scholarships Hand-over Second Semester 2020-2021 completed!

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, Fund Isaan completed the scholarship hand-over for the second semester of 2020-2021 to all our active students.

This will allow our scholarship students to pay for their tuition fee in a timely manner and focus on their studies rather than worrying about their financials.

This semester we celebrate one early graduation; Nu, recently graduated with a bachelor degree in Mechanics Engineering from Rajamangala University of Technology in Surin.

At the end of this semester (March – June 2021) following students will graduate in different disciplines:

a. Jane, Nut, Nat, Jame, Sak, Max, Run, Eun and Tao will graduate with a bachelor degree either in Rural Development, Nursing, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, English Communication and Public Health.

b. Bo, Piat, Bow, Pepsi and Tee will graduate with a high certificate in Electronics, Accounting, Computer Business and Electrical Power.

30 students will graduate from secondary schools and continue their studies at different universities.

We are extremely proud of our scholarship students. Congratulations to all of them! Special thanks to all our wonderful sponsors. Through your generous support, it is possible for all our students to pursuit their dreams.

We wish everyone a peaceful time in the weeks to come, all the best in the new year 2021 and above all a good health. Stay safe!

On behalf of Fund Isaan, 

Rony Wuytjens, Founder 

Sirinna Manyuen, Operations Manager