Emily Ryan, a Fund Isaan volunteer organized an English Camp at Krathiam Witthaya School!

Emily Ryan is a six week Fund Isaan volunteer from Deloitte teaching English at Krathiam Witthaya School.

In August 2018, Emily, together with the Foreign Department of Krathiam Witthaya School, organized an English Camp for over 200 students at her school.

Teachers from Ta Kong Witthaya (Rajamangalaphisek) School, Sangkha School ,Jenna Mintiens, another Fund Isaan volunteer from Deloitte and Sirinna Manyuen, the operations manager at Fund Isaan helped to facilitate the camp.

The objective of the camp was to motivate the students to learn English and to improve their listening and speaking skills through different fun activities.

This included amongst others “Miss Universal” elections, open for both girls and boys, how to express your feelings in English and how to describe people, whereby each of them had to make a drawing of their friend on Mars!

The students were divided into six groups and each group rotated between the different activities. The students were expected to speak English only both with other students and their trainers or teachers.

By the end of the camp, all students got an opportunity to summarize and share their experiences and lessons they had learned. They all loved the English camp. Not only because they could learn throughout the fun games but also because they got exposed to several foreign teachers.

Thanks to Emily and her crew for making this English camp such a big success!