First scholarship students graduate!

Fund Isaan is very happy to announce that in 2014, 21 students that received scholarships through Fund Isaan have graduated!

2 students, Kwan and Benz, completed their education at the Nursing College in Surin and have since started working as a nurse at the Sikhorapum and Lamduan hospitals. We are very proud to have been there during their graduation ceremony. Benz's sponsor even travelled all the way from Europe to Surin, Thailand to attend her graduation ceremony!

19 students from the Prasat and Sangkha Industrial colleges also completed their educations this year. These students studied Auto Mechanics, Electronics, Accounting and Computer Business. We are very happy to have supported them throughout their education, but even more happy to see them finding jobs in the area. One of these students has even started working for the BTS SkyTrain system in Bangkok!

The support given to these students by our sponsors has forever changed their lives. Their opportunities have dramatically improved and we, along with these students, will never forget the incredible kindness shown by the people that have reached out and supported their education.
In the years to come, we expect to see more and more of our scholarship students graduating. For now, we want to congratulate this year's graduating students on their hard work and wish them good luck in their professional careers!