Fund Isaan Alumni 2021: Fern

  • Fern in her uniform from E Tect. university

Fern graduated from secondary school at Kab Chueng Witthaya School in May 2021 with a grade of 100%!  Fern became a Fund Isaan scholarship student in 2019. Fern was adopted when she was only one day old. She lived in a three bedroom wooden house with 15 people. Fern was under a lot of pressure to start working but thanks to the Fund Isaan scholarship she was able to finish her secondary school.

This doesn't mean she stopped studying completely! She continues to follow classes on Sundays at EasternTechnological College (E-TECT) in Chonburi province (near Bangkok).  She  studies Accounting (High Certificate) for two years.

The university arranged a job for Fern. She is working for the electronics company Sharp, known, amongst others for their fans. She is paid a regular income (10,000-12,000 THB per month). Fern is using her salary to pay for her university costs. She starts working at 08.00 AM every morning, and studies online before she goes to work!

If she does a good job, the company will most probably extend their offer after Fern graduates.

Fern opted for this formula because her adoptive family did not support a 4 year study at a university. 

We are extremely proud of Fern, who despite all difficulties she is facing, keeps working hard to improve her future and that of her family.