Fund Isaan Alumni 2021: Nat

  • Nat: adult teaching

Nat became a Fund Isaan scholarship student when she started her second year at Rajamangla University Surin, studying Computer Engineering (a five year course). From day one Nat told us her biggest dream was to become an IT teacher. Nat graduated in May 2021 with a bachelor degree in computer Engineering.

We were extremely happy to learn that she is currently working as an interim IT teacher at Nang Rong Technical College. She is also preparing for the teacher license test which will allow her to become a civil servant teacher at a public school. This will offer her job certainty, something she doesn't have as an interim teacher. Her preference is to teach at a technical college or at a school near her home.

Nat is extremely grateful for the opportunity she was given through the Fund Isaan scholarship, this is what she told us: 

“I have learned many things from being a scholarship student. I learned to put time and effort in my study. I learned how to be humble and how to share.  I promise to take good care of my students. I will give them advice; encourage them to make a difference in life, like all you’ve done to me. I promise to be a good teacher, thank you very much for supporting me!”

All the best Nat!