Fund Isaan Alumni 2021: Non

Non has had a difficult childhood. When we met her in early 2017 she was living with her mother, some aunts and her disabled grandmother in a small unfinished house. Her father was working as a day laborer in Bangkok and rarely came home. The family had barely enough money to pay their electricity and water bills. Often they had to cut down on food to make ends meet.

A few years later Non's mother abandoned her husband and family to go and live with her boyfriend. She lost all contact with her family.  This did have a big impact on Non, but she didn't give up!

Recently Non graduated from secondary school in Prasat. Knowing Non's home situation (financial problems and huge loans but even worse a complete lack of interest in Non's education), it is a major achievement that she finished M6 (secondary school).  

Non decided to combine work and study in the future. She will continue to study in the weekends at Eastern Technological College (E.TECH) in Chonburi province. She will study Management. The duration of her study is two years after which she will receive a high certificate. 

Meanwhile, the university arranged for a job for Non at a company they collaborate with. Non is now working for Mondi Nissin Thailand, a company that produces food products (, biscuits, crackers,..). Non is paid a regular base salary which allows her to pay her tuition fee. biscuit

As a full time worker, she is no longer qualified for a Fund Isaan scholarship. 

We are very happy for Non and wish her all the best!

A big THANK YOU to her sponsor, Nadine,