Fund Isaan Alumni 2021: Pepsi

Fund Isaan met Pepsi in 2017 when he was in his fourth year of secondary school. His parents had a small farm. To make ends meet Pepsi's mother sold cold drinks in a small cart in front of the local school. Pepsi has one older brother, who was, at that time, studying for a high certificate in Mechanics. Two students following full time education was very challenging, not to say impossible, for his parents. Yet Pepsi was a bright kid and deserved a little help. so we decided to give him a Fund Isaan scholarship. And that has proven to be a good decision!

Recently Pepsi graduated with a high certificate in Business Computer from Prasat Industrial and Community Education College. His grade is 98%.

Pepsi recently joined the army where he will serve his country for two years! 

After two years he plans to continue for a bachelor degree. 

"I have now graduated with a high certificate. I hope to continue my study at Surin Technical College, but I will first serve my country in the army. I will do my best as a soldier. Thank you for all the opportunities Mr. and Mrs. Raicher have given me throughout my educational years. Without your support it would have been extremely difficult for me to come to this milestone in  life. Thank you for helping me and my family!"