Fund Isaan Alumni 2021: Tee

From the first day we met Tee back in 2017 we knew he was a quiet but hard working young man. During his school breaks he worked at a petrol station, serving clients. Later he obtained a  drivers license and drove a delivery van for 7/11. In May 2021 he graduated with a high certificate in Electrical Power from Prasat Industrial and Community Education College. 

Tee was offered a job at CP All. But he prefers to continue looking for a job more in line with his study. Tee wants to work for a big electrical company or factory in a big city. 

Once the pandemic slows down and interprovincial travel restrictions are lifted he will start applying again until he is hired by one of them! 

Meanwhile he is busy like always. He started his own small bike repair shop and he is selling fruit, vegetables and dry herbs in his own sales stall in the center of Prasat. Business is going well!

"I never thought today would come. I was working and studying at the same time before I was  found by Fund Isaan. It was extremely difficult for me during those days to be able to support my tuition fee. You made it a lot easier for me. I could focus and  finish my study. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This scholarship changed my life forever, thank you!"

We enjoyed the journey we made with Tee over the past five years and we are convinced he will be succesfull, regardless whether it is in his own shop or at a large electrical company!