Fund Isaan alumni: "Aor" on her way to a great future

Fund Isaan granted Aor a scholarship in 2017. She was 18 years old and studying Business Computer in her first year of high certificate at Prasat Industrial and Community Education College in Surin. 

Aor lived in a small wooden house with her parents. She has three sisters who are working at different factories in different provinces. However, because of their own difficulties and expenses, they could not help pay for Aor’s education. Her parents grew rice but like many other farmers in Thailand, they had to take loans to keep the farm afloat and to pay for their basic needs.

The scholarship lightened the financial burden for Aor and her family a lot and allowed Aor to continue her education. She used her scholarship to pay for her tuition fees, school uniforms, daily expenses,….

Aor performed her longterm internship in 2018 at CP All Public Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, a well-known company in Thailand running hundreds of 7/11 shops all over Thailand. She was chosen to work there because of her good grades. Aor scored an impressive 100%.  

In April 2019, she graduated with a high certificate in Business Computer from Prasat Industrial and Community Education College in Surin province.

She is now working as a ITer in a massive factory in Samut Prakan province. She is already supporting her family. She lives with one of her sisters.

This is what she says:

“Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Raicher for your decision to help me achieve my goals: without your support, students like me could not achieve a higher level of education.