Fund Isaan alumni: "Jane" a dream come true

Fund Isaan met Jane in 2016. She was 19 and lived in the village of Khok Yang Chum. She was studying in her first year of Nursing at Suranaree University of Technology in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Her father passed away many years ago. Her mother worked as a farmer, the family didn’t own land so she had to rent land from other people to grow rice once a year. Her mother also cooked and sold food at a market in a nearby village for extra money. She earned about 5,000 THB (approx. 140 Euro) per month. Jane has an older brother who lived and worked in Bangkok with his family.

Jane hoped to graduate with a bachelor degree in Nursing. The scholarship came just in time as the financial burden of her studies weighted heavy on the family budget. It allowed her to focus on her studies. She studied hard and obtained good grades. She used her scholarship to pay for her tuition fee, uniforms, food, extracurricular activities, additional classes, dormitory and expenses during her internship at the hospital.

In May 2019, Jane successfully graduated with a bachelor degree in Nursing from Suranaree University of Technology in Nakhon Ratchasima province.  

She is now working as a registered nurse at the famous Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok.

For Jane, this is a dream come true.

“Thank you so much again Mrs. Rita and family, for your scholarship. Your kindness has enabled me to receive an excellent education. I will never forget your generosity. I hope one day I will be able to help struggling students reach their goals in higher education by assisting them in the same way you helped me. Thank you for everything.”