Fund Isaan alumni: "Kanoon" a grateful heart will lead the way.

Kanoon became a Fund Isaan scholarship student in 2014. She was 18 and studying Science (teacher) in her first year at Surindra Rajabhat University. She wanted to become a Science teacher.

Kanoon lived alone with her mother in Baan Takuk village. Her father passed away a few years before she started her university. Seen her age her mother could not run the family’s rice farm on her own.  She rented the farm to other people. This left them with barely any income.

Kanoon’s mother did odd jobs such as sewing, repairing and making clothes. She made about 40 THB (approx.1 EUR) per piece. Kanoon had an older brother who ran a small barbershop near Kanoon’s university. This allowed him to send some money to his mother. Kanoon helped in the shop after school and during weekends (cleaning up, washing hair,…).

Kanoon dreamed of becoming a teacher. “Science” had always been her favorite subject. With the scholarship she could go to university and chase her dream. She spent her scholarship on tuition fees, school supplies, science projects and daily expenses. The scholarship made a huge difference for her and her family.

However, life didn’t spare Kanoon and her family. In 2015 her mother got sick. She was diagnosed with diabetes and needed to go to the hospital for treatment on a regular base. Kanoon moved back home while her brother stayed at the barbershop to generate the much needed income.  

Despite all this Kanoon did not neglect her studies. She continued to score high grades. When things settled down at home she moved back to her dormitory.

Kanoon graduated with a bachelor degree in Science (Teacher) from Surindra Rajabhat University in 2019 and is preparing for her examination to become a certified teacher.

"My mother really wanted me to continue my studies, because she believed it was the only chance for me to improve our future. I always wanted to become a teacher. I love helping people and will do my best to do so. Thank you very much Mr. & Mrs. Raicher for everything!"