Fund Isaan alumni: "Key", dreams do come true!

In 2014 Fund Isaan granted Key a scholarship. She was 18 years and studying Science teacher in her first year at Surindra Rajabhat University. The duration of her study was five years.

Key lived in a small village in Thatoom, with her parents and two siblings. Her father was a rice farmer and also ran a small grocery shop in front of their house. Her mother helped on the rice field, took care of the house and her three daughters. The family made about 5,000 THB (approx. 145 Euro). Key’s older sister was studying Social Sciences and her younger sister was studying at a secondary school.

Key was the best student in her class. She always received excellent grades. Her biggest dream was to obtain a bachelor degree and become a Science teacher to help improve the level of education in her community.

The scholarship helped improve the financial situation for her family a lot. She used it to pay for her tuition fees, daily expenses, school materials, computer repairs and the university dormitory fees.

Key was extremely focused on her studies. She lived in the university dormitory, she participated as much as possible in extracurricular activities to gain experience and help the university. Key got a chance to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Raicher, her sponsors, in 2015. This meeting encouraged Key to be even more motivated.

Despite her great performance, Key had a serious problem with her eyes. She had Cataract. Fund Isaan gave her extra support so that she could get special lenses to resolve her eye problems.

In 2018, Key performed her long term internship as a Science teacher at Baan Sa-eung Extension School, located in her village. The internship went very well; she received an excellent feedback from the school.

Key successfully graduated with a bachelor degree in Science (Teacher) from Surindra Rajabhat University in April 2019. She is now working as a contract teacher at Baan Phon Krok School in her hometown and is preparing for her examination to become a certified teacher.

For Key, this is a dream come true.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to my esteemed sponsor and guide, 3AMB and Fund Isaan, for helping me and always being supportive. I am on my way to reach my dream of becoming a certified teacher. I will be a good teacher, help and care for my students. I will also take good care of my family. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart"