Fund Isaan alumni: "Kwang" a teacher born to be.

Fund Isaan granted Kwang a scholarship in 2014. She was 19 years old and studying Science Teacher in her first year at Surindra Rajabhat University. She was one of the top students in her class. The duration of her study was five years.

Kwang was from a small village in Nongkanna. Her father suffered a mental breakdown because of their difficulties and live in poverty. Kwang’s mother worked alone to support the entire family. She ran a small street food restaurant selling noodles, rice, curry and one-dish meals. She made about 8,000 THB (230 Euro) per month.

Kwang had two younger sisters who were also studying. It was extremely difficult for the family to cover all the family’s expenses.

Kwang worked extra hours after school. She dreamed of becoming a teacher. With the scholarship, she started to believe her dream might one day come true, she became more positive and motivated. She used her scholarship to pay for her tuition fees. She stayed in a room outside university so that she could work extra hours in the city. She worked as a tutor at a private tutoring center in Surin and used the money to pay for her expenses, she even sent some money home to help her family.

Between 2016-2017 her parents divorced. Her mother closed the restaurant and left home to start a new life. Kwang lost contact with her mother and her youngest sister. Her father’s health got worse. Despite all these difficulties, Kwang pulled herself together and moved on. She successfully combined work and studies.

Kwang performed her long term internship as a teacher at Tessaban 3 School and graduated with a bachelor degree in Science (Teacher) from Surindra Rajabhat University in April 2019.

She is preparing for her examination to become a certified teacher. Meanwhile, she is working for a big chain company in Surin to earn extra money. She is doing well and very positive.

“Life is not always easy, but with some encouragement and support, it does help increase your motivation. I always believe in hard work, and your support proved that I was right. I will try my best to pass the teacher exam. I will reach my dream of becoming a teacher. Thank you once again for all that you have done for me and my entire family. I promise that I will never stop when I am tired. I will stop when I am done, Thank you!”