Fund Isaan alumni: "Nat" a gentleman with principle and honesty

Fund Isaan met Nat in 2017 when he was 18 years old. He was studying Business Computer in his final year of secondary school at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College. His grade was 85%.

Nat parents are farmers. They have a small farm, barely enough to foresee in their own needs. By consequence between seasons they work as day laborers in Bangkok (450 kilometres away from home), leaving Nat alone in the house. As day laborers his parents earn about 300 baht (approx. 8 Euro) per day.  Nat has an older sister who works as a cleaner in a local garage in another province. She never supports Nat or his family.

When we met him, Nat wanted to continue his studies. He wanted to be a programmer or a software designer. The Fund Isaan scholarship allowed him to continue chasing his dreams. He used it to pay for his tuition fees, food and daily expenses.

In May 2019, Nat graduated with a high certificate in Business Computer from Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College.

Nat has enrolled in the mandatory army meanwhile where he will serve his country for 2 years. Congratulations on his career and best wishes for his next adventure!

Nat asked Fund Isaan to pass on this thank you note to his sponsor just before he left for the military training on November 2nd.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Raicher, thank you once again for your generosity. Your investment in my future will not be forgotten. I am leaving to serve my country in the military now. I plan to come back after two years and continue my university studies.

With Love,