A Fund Isaan alumni part fifty four: Boombim


Fund Isaan first met Boombim in 2008. She was an extremely bright young girl. In a documentary on CNBC reporting about our activities in Isaan called CNBC: Deloitte and e-Learning for Kids, Boombim featured as the girl bathing and riding the elephant.

Boombim studied at Baan Thanong School, a school which was located in her village. She consistently received the best grades, (98% in her first year of high school and 89% in her second year). She wanted to become a tour guide, because she loved learning languages and remarkably although she had never attended English classes, she spoke it fluently.

In 2012 when she was about 16 years old, Boombim continued her studies at Prasat Industrial and Community Education College. She studied IT and planned to become an IT specialist in the future. She scored an impressive 84% after the first semester.

Boombim parents had divorced. She and her younger sister stayed with their aunt while her mother left home to work in another province.

In 2013, Boombim was in her last year of college. She did her internship at a local company called “Tuy Golden Sound” in Prasat district. She had to keep track of the company’s financials. She finished college with an amazing 95% at the end of the semester.

Meanwhile her mother had returned home and worked as a housekeeper three days a week in a hotel in Prasat district. Boombim’s family built a small house next to their auntie’s house.

In 2014, Boombim finished high school. Boombim had to postpone her plan to study further for a while because she was eight months pregnant. Boombim’s family was very supportive. 

Meanwhile Boombim broke up with her boyfriend and got her life back on track. Thanks to the support of her mother and aunt, Boombin was able to pick up her studies again and recently graduated with a high certificate.

Boombim’s baby is now three years old. Boombim’s mother is taking care of the boy while Boombim is working and taking weekend classes to obtain a bachelor degree in Public Administration at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan in Surin. She is in her second year and has only one and a half year left to graduate. After the graduation, Boombim plans to work at the local administration office in Prasat.

Boombim works as a purchasing officer at a construction site in Surin. She is very happy with her job. Her employer is aware of Boombin’s studies and tries to accommodate these as much as possible through flexible working hours.

Finally, Boombim would like to thank her Fund Isaan sponsor, Lore De Mol, for always being there for her. Boombin knows that in her youthful innocence she made a mistake, but she got over it and moved on with her life. Boombim has shown us that she never gave up on her studies, and as long as she is alive, she will be able to accomplish whatever she believes is worth fighting for.

Boombim we are proud of you!

Here is a video clip which she featured in CNBC: Deloitte and e-Learning for Kids, Boombim's moment starts from 4.20 onwards.