A Fund Isaan alumni part fifty six: Cat

In 2012, Fund Isaan granted Cat a scholarship when she was studying in her fourth year of high school. Cat had just finished her previous semester at Saikaew Witthaya School with a grade of 84%.

Cat lived with her mother and grandmother in a small house in a village called Baan Lum Pook. 

Cat never knew her father. Cat was the only child and her mother was autistic. Sometimes, it was very hard for Cat to communicate with her mother. 

Cat wanted to study further and become a Nurse, but her mother’s income alone was not enough to pay for her education.

Thanks to the scholarship, Cat could continue school. Cat focused on her studies and worked very hard on the rice fields after school to help her family. She planted vegetables and sold them at the local market to earn extra money.

During the semester break, she stayed home and did household chores. She fed the cows, watered her vegetables, cooked dinner and cleaned the house. She took good care of her mother and grandmother. She liked taking care of people that was why she wanted to study nursing.

In 2015, Cat finished high School with a grade of 80%.

Later that same year Cat enrolled at Rajamangala University of Technology Isan in Surin province. Cat's aunt passed away and due to her life insurance, her family received an amount of 600,000 THB of which 300,000 THB had been put in a special savings account to pay for Cat's studies. As a result she informed Fund Isaan that she no longer needed the scholarship and believed there were others who needed our help more than she did.We were very touched by this gesture, showing Cat's good heart. We wished her all the best in her studies and promised to keep in touch.

Cat is currently working as an assistant nurse at a private hospital called World Medical Hospital. She is very happy with her job. Cat is happily married and has an almost one year old son. Her husband is a professional Thai kickboxer. He takes good care of Cat and her baby; they also support her family financially.

Cat never forgot about Fund Isaan and her sponsor, the family Jongen. The scholarship she received allowed her to finish high school. Thank you for this opportunity!