A Fund Isaan alumni: part five: Ben

Ben became a Fund Isaan scholarship student at the age of 14 year. In 2011, she was proposed by the teachers and the director of Tabao Witthaya School because of her very difficult situation at home. Ben’s mother fell from a tree and was not able to walk anymore. Ben’s father was a rice farmer, struggling to make enough money to support his family, especially after his wife’s accident. Ben also had a five year younger brother.     

At Tabao Witthaya School, Ben was an above average student. She told us that she would like to become a nurse, however, “Agriculture” was always her best subject.

At the age of 18, after successfully completing secondary school and because of her home situation, Ben decided to stay home to help her mother who’s situation got worse and follow her path as a full time farmer. This was in May 2015.

Ben used what she learned at school and introduced different kind of crops, instead of only rice. She also looked for alternative sales channels  to get a better price for her products.

Two years later Ben is running a very profitable business, growing amongst others bananas, coconuts, rice, cassavas, sugar canes, etc. Ben is now in charge, while her brother and father are helping her.

Recently she bought a truck to bring her products to the market and to take her mother to the hospital. Ben earns about 420 Euro/month, which is way above the average for a farm of this size. Her family is very happy. They have enough money to take good care of everyone and to manage the farm. It has been a very successful year for Ben and her family!

Ben is the living proof that with a little help to achieve a basic education and focusing on their own strengths (in this case agriculture), our scholarship student can and do make a difference for themselves and their families.

We are extremely proud of what Ben has achieved. Congratulations !