A Fund Isaan alumni: part forty three: Panthong

In 2012, Panthong was granted a scholarship from Fund Isaan to continue her studies at Prasat Industrial and Community Education College. Panthong was 18 years old and had just finished her high school with a grade of 3.31 (83%). She studied Computer Business and dreamed of becoming a teacher in the future.

Panthong lived with a family of five people; her father, two older brothers, one younger sister and herself. Her mother died of illness when she was only nine years old. Her father was the only one who worked to support the entire family.

Panthong wanted to continue her studies for at least another two years to obtain her high certificate in Computer Business. She wanted to find a good job and help reduce her father’s financial burden. Panthong had seen her father working very hard in the past years, as a good daughter, she wanted to repay him financially.

Panthong was very happy when she was granted a scholarship and a laptop from Fund Isaan. She used her scholarship to pay for the tuition fees and for other expenses at school. It helped her and her family a lot. She used her laptop to find information and knowledge on web design or related to web design software. She regularly finished her homework using her laptop.

Panthong liked studying graphic design. She even created a website for her former primary school. She made a classroom instruction system for the students to help them organize their classes and guide their school careers.

In her last year, Panthong performed her long term internship at CPF Company located in Nakhon Ratchasima province. She worked as a clerk and used her computer to populate the company’s database. She followed up on the company’s inventory using Microsoft Excel. She liked her work at CPF very much, she was even thinking about working at CPF after her graduation.  

In March 2014, Panthong successfully graduated with a grade of 84% in Computer Business.

Panthong is now married and living in Nakhon Ratchasima province where her husband is working as a technician in a company called “Shin Ei High Tech” They have a two years old daughter. Panthong is taking care of her family. She will resume after her daughter is old enough to go to school. She is very happy with her life at the moment. Her husband is making enough money to take good care of her and her daughter.

Panthong would like to thank Fund Isaan, and her sponsor 3AMB, for giving her the opportunity to follow her education. She will be a good mother and soon will become a hard working person again.