A Fund Isaan alumni: part forty two: Chaichana

In 2012, Fund Isaan granted Chaichana a scholarship to continue his studies in Auto Mechanic and obtain a high certificate. Chaichana was 18 years old and had just finished his high school at Prasat Industrial and Community Education College.

He dreamed of running his own garage to support his family and create a better life for the people in his hometown.

Chaichana lived with his aunt in Prasat, in Surin province. His family was very important to him. They worked very hard to support his education. Chaichana helped his aunt a lot on the rice field.

Chaicahna studied and worked very hard after receiving the scholarship. He even helped his teachers after school and when he had no classes. This way he gained additional experience in mechanics. In his last year Chaichana went on a long term internship at Honda AV Car in Surin province. He learned so much from working there.

He used the laptop he received from Fund Isaan to finish his homework and to find information about cars and engines on the internet. It helped him tremendously during his studies and internship.

In March 2014 Chaichana obtained his high certificate from Prasat Industrial and Community Education College.

He is currently running his own restaurant at PTT Petrol Station in Prasat district. He is happily married. His family’s financial situation has improved. Chaichana is taking care of both his family and family in law. He has a three year old daughter.

Chaichana would like to thank Fund Isaan, and 3AMB, his sponsor, for the incredible support in the past.