A Fund Isaan alumni: part fourteen: Kallayanee

In 2012, Kallayanee was 18 year. She studied Computer Business at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College when we granted her a scholarship, in order for her to study further and obtain her high certificate. Kallayanee dreamed of becoming an IT teacher, because she loved technology and teaching is a good job with a stable salary. She would like to help her family and support her siblings’ education.

Kallayanee had three siblings. Her parents were poor farmers. Her father sometimes cut and sold eucalyptus logs to make some extra money. Kallayanee spent her free time selling fruit and snacks at the market to save up some money. Although, it was difficult for her parents to support their four children who all wanted to study, they understood the importance of a good education and wanted to do everything they could to make their kids dreams come true.

As part of her education to obtain her high certificate Kallayanee started her internship at Sangkha District early 2013. Her assignment was to make ID cards and serving at the front desk of the information stand. During the internship period, she sold fried meatballs and squid in front of her house and at the flea market. Kallayanee never stopped working even after she received her scholarship.

Kallayanee successfully graduated with her High Certificate in Computer Business at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College in 2014. Later that same year, she got married to her long term boyfriend and passed the test to become a government officer at Sangkha District, where she previously performed her internship.

Because of her pregnancy Kallayanee decided to stay home and take care of her baby for a while. Meanwhile her husband got offered a job as a public health servant at the Local Administration Office nearby. Kallayanee is determined to start working again once her child goes to school.

With her husband’s income alone they can live a comfortable life. But although she is home Kallaynee is still making money. In front of her house she has a little boot where she sells a couple of famous dishes like “Somtam and grilled chicken”. She said “I make a lot of money from this! and I am very happy!”

Thanks to all the hard work and the scholarship not only Kallayanee but also her three siblings are well educated and able to support their parents. Kallayanee would like to thank 3AMB her sponsor for the support during her last years at school. Both the scholarship and laptop helped her tremendously during her study.