A Fund Isaan alumni: part one: Yui

Fund Isaan recently started a program to reconnect with our past scholarship students. Today we bring you the story of Yui.

Yui became a Fund Isaan scholarship students in the summer of 2014. She had just finished her secondary school at Prasat Industrial and Community Education College. She wanted to continue her education in accounting and obtain a  high certificate. This meant an additional two years at the same college.

Yui’s father was a truck driver who worked in Bangkok some 450 km away from home. With four kids and a spouse he had to work very hard to make ends meet. Mother worked on the field whenever she could to grow some rice to feed the family. They simply couldn't effort another two years of expensive studies.

Yui did everything in her power to help her parents; she did all the household jobs and took care of her three siblings. Every summer she would work at a factory in Bangkok, hoping to gather extra money to pay for her own education.

Thanks to the kindness of our sponsor, 3AMB,  Fund Isaan was able to offer Yui a scholarship, taking away part of the financial burden for her family; Yui could start her additional education.

Two years later in the spring of  2016, Yui  graduated as an accountant. Soon after she started her career at the financial department of LG Electronics (Thailand) Company Limited in Rayong province, where she is responsible for the management of the stock.

Yui is extremely happy with her career and life at the moment. She earns a good salary and has even been able to save some money for her future.  Yui plans to stay at her current employer because she believes there are  career opportunities at LG for her in the future.

Recently she married her long-term boyfriend, who works at the nearby Suzuki plant. Their joined income is more than enough to pay for expenses and to save for their future.

Yui promised Fund Isaan to connect us to her HR department if we are looking for good internships for our current scholarship students or even for permanent employment for our students.

Yui is more than happy to share her story with Fund Isaan, she has sent us some pictures. It is a pleasure to see her as a young adult, clearly enjoying life.