A Fund Isaan alumni part sixty one: Pauw

In 2011 when Pauw was studying in her third year of high school at Tabao School, Fund Isaan granted her a scholarship, because of her difficulties at home. Pauw wanted to continue her studies to become a nurse.

Pauw lived in a wooden shelter with a family of five people. Her father passed away long time ago. The family owned three cows but had no own fields. Her mother worked as a day laborer to take care of her five children. Pauw had two older brothers and two younger sisters. Her oldest brother stopped school to work as a day laborer in the building industry.

After receiving the scholarship, Pauw’s grades improved. Social Sciences was her favorite subject.

Pauw used her scholarship to pay for a school uniform, her transportation to school and other materials she needed at school.

During the summer break, she worked as a waitress, from 19:00 to 23:00, at special events such as weddings and seminars.

In May 2013 Pauw graduated from high school with a grade of 72%.

Pauw is currently working as a lapidary (cuts, polishes and engraves gems) at Baan Pluang Factory in Prasat district of Surin province. Pauw earns enough to support her family. Pauw is still single and enjoys working with gems very much.  

Pauw is the only child in the family that finished high school. Pauw’s biggest dream, being able to financially take care of her family, has come true. As for this, she would like to thank Fund Isaan and her sponsor, Marc Bafort, for giving her the opportunity to study. Because of her high school education, she was able to get a good job at the Gems factory, thank you.