A Fund Isaan alumni: part ten: An

Fund Isaan granted An a scholarship in 2014, when she was 19 years old. An had just finished her high school at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College with a grade of 83%. She would like to continue studying Accounting at the same college.

An lived with a family of five people in a small house in Baan Tab Tan village, located in Surin province. About 11 years ago, An’s father had a serious motorcycle accident; he had been since walking with a cane. An’s mother did most of the working on their rice fields and made about 24,000 THB per year. An had an older brother who stopped at high school to help his mother on the rice field. Her younger brother was working as a courier officer in Bangkok, but he never financially supported his family. The rest of the family did odd jobs throughout the year to make end meets.

An was the only hope of the family to receive a higher education and improve the family’s future.

With the scholarship, An continued her Accounting study at the same college and finished her semester with a grade of 94%. During the summer break An worked at a factory in Bangkok to earn extra money. She worked very hard, but could not pay for all the school costs. The scholarship seemed to have changed her life a lot. She used most of her scholarship to pay for her tuition fees.  

In 2015, An performed her internship as an accountant at ‘Muean Design’ in Samut Prakan province. She received a salary of 300 THB per day. An did her best to save this money for the future, and sent to her family.

An successfully graduated and obtained her high certificate in Accounting at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College, with a grade of 85% in 2016.

After her graduation, she aimed to work in another province to support her family. However, because of her father’s illness, she decided to stay home to find a job in the local area.

Currently, An is running her own online shop, selling and delivering cosmetics’ products to customers all over Thailand. She makes an approximately 10,000 THB every month. An and her family are very happy with her business, as she can stay home to take care of her parents and make money to support all of them.

Thank you, 3AMB, from An and her family for your support over all these years!