A Fund Isaan alumni: part thirty nine: Ratchanok

When Fund Isaan granted Ratchanok a scholarship, she was 18 years old and studied Accounting at Prasat Industrial and Community Education College.

Ratchanok was an excellent student with a grade of 3.80 (95%). She dreamed of becoming a mathematic or an economy teacher in the countryside. However, Ratchanok’s family could not afford her education. Her parents were farmers and trying very hard to make enough money to support their family of six people. Ratchanok had three younger sisters and they were all still studying in high school.

A scholarship from Fund Isaan allowed Ratchanok to study further. She did her best and always received high grades. Even though she received good results, she kept tried to improve herself each time. Her favorite subject was marketing. Her least favorite topic was taxation.

Ratchanok spent her free time helping her family and doing household works. 

She used her Fund Isaan laptop to search for new information on the internet and finish her homework. She used her scholarship to pay for her tuition fees, uniforms, school books and various materials. It substantially reduced the financial pressure on her family.

In 2013, Ratchanok performed her internship as an accountant at Khok Sa-ad Sub district Administrative Organization in Prasat, Surin. She enjoyed working with numbers. During the internship, she learned how to write tax bills, open a bank account, etc.

In March 2014, she successfully graduated and obtained her high certificate in Accounting with a grade of 3.76 (94%).

Ratchanok is currently working as an accounting officer at Minoru (Thailand) Co. Ltd. in Chonburi province. She receives an average salary, but is very happy with her job. She has met new people and created a meaningful circle of good friends. She supports her family and is still single. 

Ratchanok returned home during the New Year break and spent times with the entire family. They all would like to express their sincere gratitude to Fund Isaan and her sponsor, 3AMB, for allowing her to graduate.