A Fund Isaan alumni: part three: Tun

In 2008 Tun became one of the very first scholarship students in our program.

She was 14 years old and studied at Ban Thanong School in grade 3. Tun had one brother who stopped school at the age of 14. Seen the financial situation of the family Tun was about to undergo the same faith. Luckily a teacher at her school pointed her in the direction of Fund Isaan, a then newly created non-profit that offered non-refundable scholarships to bright students like Tun.

When we listended to Tun's story and especially after visiting her at home, we were immediately convinced we needed to help her. Her parents were both very hard working farmers and loving parents but with bearly any own land they had no money to pay for her education. Their house was no more than a 4 by 4 wooden platform with some straw on top of it to protect the family from the rain.

Tun proved to be a good student and finished high school in 2013.  In that same year she got married. In 2014 she gave birth to her lovely daughter which is now almost 3 years old.

Tun still lives on the same piece of land with her husband and her parents but their living circumstances have substantially improved. The wooden platform has made place for a modest but comfortable house in stone, built by Tun's husband, who is a foreman in a construction company.

Although Tun is home, taking care of her daughter, the fact that she has been able to finish secundary school has made a big difference. She is now much better equipped to deal with the challenges of modern life.  Also because of the scholarship her parents were able to save some money which they invested in the new house. As such Tun is now a young houseowner with no debts at all.  Even in Europe many young couples can't make such statement!

Most important however is that her parents, Tun, her husband and their daughter are living happily together in a loving and supporting environment, without financial worries. Although its been four years Tun and her mother have not forgotten what our sponsor has done for them and will remain forever thankful for the change this has brought to their lifes.

On below pictures you can see Tun in front of her house back in 2008 and Tun in front of her new house in 2017.


Tun and her father before their house in 2008
Tun in 2017 in front of her house