A Fund Isaan alumni: part twenty: Keng

In 2014 Keng was 18 years old and had just finished his high school. He studied Computer Graphics at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College. Keng was a very good student, he graduated from high school with a grade of 3.43 (85%)

Keng lived in Prakeaw village with his parents and his two siblings, an older brother, an older sister and a niece. Keng’s parents were both farmers, but like other farmers in his region, growing rice was never a profitable business for them. Rice farming in Thailand depends on many factors like stable rice prices, good quality fertilizers and regular rain. To make ends meet his father worked as a motorcycle taxidriver  in Bangkok, between seasons. His mother also worked for a local construction company as a daylaborer making bricks. Together they made about 8000 baht/month on average. However, it was not enough for such a big family. His sister married and worked at a toy factory in another province. His brother served in the army.

Keng didn’t want to give up his study. He understood that education was the best way for him to improve his situation at home and to help his family in the future. He tried to work every summer break to support his own education. He used to paint the temple’s walls and various buildings for extra money.

Keng dreamed of becoming a computer designer or repairman with a nice salary. He was a great kid. He helped his sister taking care of her children. He helped his family with the house works. He also volunteered with some construction work at the local temple. He joined a robot competition with his college. Keng used his scholarship to buy a school uniform, pay for his tuition fee and always gave a little to his beloved mother.

In 2015 the college sent him to work as an intern at CP All Company in Bangkok. While in Bangkok, he lived with his parents, who stayed there as well. In the meantime his brother had finished his mandatory military service and came back home to work as an accountant.

Keng graduated in 2016 with a grade of 3.96 (99%). He received a high certificate in Computer Graphic and joined the army for a short time. After his time as a soldier, he went to work in Rayong province. After a while Keng decided to return home. He realized that working far away from home was not working for him and his family. He had to spend most of his salary on the room rent and transportation. He would rather get less and save more for his family.

Keng is now working as an assistant accountant for 9,000 baht per month. He travels to work with his brother on their old motorcycle. This way he can save more money for his family. Keng and his family are very happy with his choice; they would like to take this opportunity to thank Fund Isaan and 3AMB. Without this scholarship Keng would never have come this far. His future is looking very bright.