A Fund Isaan alumni: part twenty one: Kwan

Kwan became a Fund Isaan scholarship student in 2012 when she was 18 years old and studying Accounting at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College. Kwan was in her first year. She chose Accounting because she loved to calculate. Kwan told Fund Isaan that she would like to work with numbers or become a Math teacher in the future. Kwan dreamed to teach young kids mathematics and to improve their skills. Moreover, teaching was a good job with a guarantee of secure income. Kwan thought that was necessary for her family.

Kwan lived in a small house with six people in her family. Her parents were farmers and sometimes laborers on the construction sites. Kwan’s mother also worked as a cleaning lady at a small hotel in her district. Kwan had another three sisters who were also studying. Her parents were struggling to cover all the expenses. Kwan would like to help her parents work to support her siblings’ education and keep her own in the same time.

With the help of Fund Isaan and 3AMB, Kwan could continue her study at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College. During her study, Kwan was a very hard working student. She had always tried to improve her grade every semester. She finished her first year with a grade of 3.62 (90%). In the weekend, she would help her parents harvesting rice and read her books in her free times. She used her laptop to surf the internet and to do her homework. She used it very often.

In 2013 Kwan performed her internship at the Farmer Funeral Organization. Her duties were to make accounts for the customers, handle the money and do accounting. She liked it very much. During her internship, Kwan found out that she had a serious health problem. The doctor told her that she had SLE, an auto-immune disease. She needed to be more careful with her health.

Kwan was not so worried about her health; instead she was trying to finish her final project and moved on with her life. Kwan graduated with a high certificate in Accounting in March 2014. Soon after the graduation, she started a job as an accountant at Joyfulness Co., Ltd. The company is based in Japan, but Kwan is working for the one located in Sukhumvit, the downtown spot of Bangkok. Kwan receives about 18,000 baht per month. She is now able to send her family money every month. She helps them pay for their household expenses and supports her three sisters’ education.

However, Kwan still hopes to continue her studies during the weekends to become a teacher. She has always dreamed of teaching a new generation kids. She is working very hard, generally to save up some money to reach her dream. Kwan has been travelling to Japan and South Korea with her company and co-workers. Kwan loves her job very much. Her company offers an IT solution, E-commerce Web application for the online marketing customers.

Finally, Kwan would like to thank Fund Isaan and 3AMB for the scholarship. It not only help with her education, the laptop also helped her greatly in learning about office works, which she can definitely use it with her current job. Kwan promises to not give up her dream of becoming a teacher. She will keep trying until she succeeds.