A Fund Isaan Alumni part twenty seven: Aum

Aum was 19 in 2014. She lived in a village called Baan Kang-an, in the province of Surin. She had just finished her high school at Prasat Industrial and Community Education College, where she studied Accounting. Aum graduated with a grade of 3.90 (97%).

Aum lived with her father and mother, both farmers. She had three sisters, her two older sisters were both working as a laborer in a factory in another province and her younger sister was studying Computer Business at the same college. Aum’s parents worked on the farm and made about 5,000 baht per month. To earn some extra money, they planted vegetables and sold them at the night market. Aum did the cooking, washed the clothes and helped her family in any way she could. Aum usually worked until 2 a.m. in the morning.

Aum was a very good student. She also joined extra activities at the college. She would like to continue a higher certificate in Accounting, but it was not possible because of her family’s financial situation. She dreamed of working in an office as an accountant with a stable salary, so she could help her parents financially. The scholarship from Fund Isaan came as a gift from heaven!

During one of our visits to her college, we were accompanied by a camera crew from a local news station. Aum was interviewed by the journalist.

In 2015, as part of her second year Aum worked as an intern at an accounting firm in Surin. She loved it very much and hoped to find similar work after graduation.

In 2016, Aum graduated with a degree and high certificate in Accounting. She is currently working at a company called the OTICS in Rayong province. The factory produces automotive parts and Aum works as an assistant-accountant for the manufacturing department.

Aum and her family would like to thank you 3AMB for supporting and helping her obtain her high certificate. Without the scholarship this would not have been possible. Aum is on the right track and we have all faith in her that she will grow further in her job.