A Fund Isaan alumni: part two: Oy

In 2010 Oy was recommended by the teachers and the director of Cheu Pleung Witthaya School to participate in the Fund Isaan scholarship program.

Oy fitted all the criteria: she was a top student. In fourth grade she scored 97%. This made her number one of her class. But the home situation of Oy was rather difficult. Oy lived with her grandparents, both in their seventies, while her parents, were working in Bangkok as day laborers to pay for her studies and other expenses. Oy's older brother had given up school and was also working as a day laborer.

Without support there was simply no way Oy could effort higher education. Yet Oy was hoping for at least a bachelor degree and with her intelligence that should be no issue at all. We were happy to grant Oy a scholarship.

Oy has not disappointed us; she continued to be a strong performer. After secundary school Oy decided to go to Khon Kaen University. In 2015 she successfully graduated as a Bachelor of Public Administration from Khon Kaen University.

Immediately after graduation Oy was hired by a private company to support their HR department. She was involved in the recruitment of new employees. Not much later she accepted an offer as an administrative officer at the Department of Communication Arts, Burapha University, Chonburi. She is involved in the organisation of meetings and seminars.

Oy is having a great time; she loves her job very much. Her current salary positions her in the middle class. It allows her to support her family and to save for her own future. 

Oy plans to pursue a master's degree and become a consultant in two years. She has applied for a scholarship at the University in Chonburi. 

Oy is in a relationship now, her boyfriend works for a car company in the same province. They  are enjoying life together however she has no intentions of marrying him in the near future.  

Oy stated that at her university, there are several departments offering internships to students from various colleges and universities. Oy would be pleased to help us if we need a suitable position for one of our existing scholarship students.

We are delighted to see how well Oy is doing and wish her and her friend all the best.