Fund Isaan alumni: "Tang Kwa" a dream come true.

Tang-kwa was 18 when Fund Isaan granted her a scholarship. She was studying Accounting in her final year of secondary school at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College. She continued her education at the same college in pursuit of a high certificate.

Her parents divorced when she was only four years old. She lived with her mother and her grandmother. The family had a small rice farm. Tang-kwa always helped on the farm. To make some extra money she sold fish in the morning market, starting at 04.00 AM.

Tang-kwa was an excellent student. She worked hard and obtained good grades. Her biggest dream was to work in the Government Savings Bank, where she could serve the country and help poor people manage their financials.

The scholarship changed her life completely, she used it to pay for her tuition fees, school materials, uniforms, transport and even additional courses.  

Because of her good grades, Tang-kwa was offered a part time job at the Government Savings Bank near her house. She worked five days a week during school leaves and got paid 200 THB (approx. 6 Euro) per day. She also performed her long term internship at the same bank.

In 2019, Tang-kwa graduated with a high certificate in Accounting from Sangkha College. She is now working at the Government Savings Bank where she worked part time and performed her internship. She is extremely happy with her job, for Tang-kwa, this is like a dream come true!

Tangkwa and her family would like to pass on this message to her sponsor, 3AMB, for supporting her throughout the past years.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. and Mrs. Raicher for their support. I am grateful for what you have done for me. Receiving this scholarship helped reduce my financial burdens and provided assistance for me as I continued pursuing my education. Again, thank you for investing in my future!”