Fund Isaan alumni: "Tew" serves his country in the Army.

Fund Isaan granted Tew a scholarship in 2017. He was 20 years old and studying Business Computer at Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College.

Tew’s father had a motorcycle accident in which he lost one eye, limiting him in his ability to work. His mother worked alone on their small farm and whenever possible as a day-laborer. Tew worked after school at a grocery shop to pay for his study. Together they made about 5,000 THB (approx. 145 Euro) per month.

Tew’s older sisters were both married and worked in Bangkok as day laborers. They had their own families and burdens so they could not support Tew.

With the scholarship, Tew continued his studies for a high certificate in Business Computer.  He used his scholarship to pay for his tuition fees, transportation to school, extracurricular activities and additional expenses during his internship in another province.

His father was extremely unhappy with his life after the accident. Having to depend on his wife drove him crazy, sometimes even violent. He improved after Tew’s scholarship.

Tew was extremely motivated and studied even better. He obtained good grades and successfully graduated in May 2019. After his graduation, he went through his mandatory military selection and is now serving his country in the Army.

Tew couldn’t be happier with his choice, he is now preparing for his military exam to become a Private First Class. His biggest dream is to become a Lieutenant.

Tew and his family would like to take this opportunity to thank his sponsor, 3AMB, for their support. 

“I never thought I could make it this far. Without your support, it would be extremely difficult for me to graduate. Because of my education, I can work in the military’s office and I have more chances with the military exam… Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Raicher for all you have done for me and my family, Thank you!”