Fund Isaan alumni: "Wa" is making a difference

Fund Isaan granted Wa a scholarship in 2014 when she was 18 years old. She was studying in her final year of secondary school at Buached Witthaya School and waiting for the result of her entrance exams to university.

Wa was one of the best students in her province. Her grade was 95% and she was the chairman of the student’s council at her school. She received a special reward from His Majesty the late King Bhumibol for her volunteering work. 

Wa loved playing traditional Thai music instruments, singing, drawing, writing poems and reading. She wanted to study further to become a Thai teacher. Shortly after receiving her scholarship she got accepted to Khon Kaen University.

Wa lived with her aunt in a small village. Her parents were small rice farmers. They earned about 4,000 THB (approx. 115 Euro) per month, which was often not enough to cover the family’s expenses. The family had debts with the Bank.

Wa has one younger brother and a nephew. They were all studying. Needless to say the situation was very challenging! Sometimes there was no money to buy food.

Thanks to the scholarship, Wa could continue her studies.

Wa did great in university. Although, she participated in a lot of extracurricular activities, she never dropped her grades.

To make extra money, she worked as a waitress, a tutor, a music player,….  She performed her long term internship as a Thai teacher at a school near her university.

Wa graduated with a bachelor degree in Thai language (Teacher) from Khon Kaen University in May 2019, She is now a certified teacher, teaching Thai language at Samrongthap Wittayakom School, only 30 minutes away from where she lives.

Fund Isaan and her family are extremely proud of her success. We wish her all the best in her future career!

"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Raicher, for your kindness. You have brought me to this point in my life. I am a certified teacher now, I am teaching at a school near my house. I am going to build a house for my parents. Your support has changed our lives. I will forever be grateful for the financial aid you have provided. I will continue to work hard and make you and my family proud.

When I have succeeded, I promise to give back to community, in order to give other kids the opportunity you have given me. Thank you for everything!”