Fund Isaan, Digital Bootcamp May 2018

Today, every business and individual is affected by the digital revolution. Companies and employees need to transform the way they operate to meet the digital challenge.

Many companies struggle to find qualified workers with the required technology skills. Schools and universities are often way behind and insufficiently prepare their students for this rapidly approaching new reality.

Fund Isaan a non-profit organization is aware of these new challenges. In partnership with Deloitte Digital Belgium, it recently organized several Digital Bootcamps at schools and universities in the Surin province. The camps took place between May 15th-24th and delivered a fantastic keynote presentation by Ellen Bernaers, an expert from Deloitte Belgium.

The Digital Bootcamp was a full day experience where students in an interactive way discovered the technologies of the future, such as Blockchain, Virtual & Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robotics. The students (minimum Y4 level of high school) learned how these new technologies will impact the way they will do business in the future. Through team discussions and workshops the students discovered the impact of these technologies on all professions. Regardless whether you will become a farmer, nurse, accountant, guide or policeman these technologies will change your future.

In total over 300 students aged between 16-22 had the opportunity to get a taste of what the future will bring.

Participating schools were:

- Takong (Rajamangalaphisek) Witthaya School,
- Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College,
- Buached Witthaya School,
- Prasat Witthayakarn School,
- Surin Technical College,
- Surin Vocational College,
- Saikaew Witthaya School,
- Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Surin Campus. 

By the end of the project, the students had made significant progress in their understanding and practical application of Digital Trends. They know what technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Block chain and robotics are; understand how people will behave differently in the new world and how these technologies will impact their future lives and careers.

One student commented on the Boot Camp: ‘I think this kind of training is very useful. It lets us have a very good chance to learn more about the new technology and develop our skills and also to adjust into the new digital world. Thanks a lot for holding this camp for us and if possible I really want to attend the camp like this again’.  

A big thank you to Deloitte Belgium, the schools and all the participating students to make this first Fund Isaan Digital Bootcamp such a success.