Fund Isaan preventive measures against COVID-19

Fund Isaan faces, like any other organization and/or individual, the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis.

The Thai government has issued an emergency decree, which includes a ban of foreigners entering Thailand enforced across the country from March 26 until April 30. Most international flights have been cancelled to minimize the risk of additional imported cases.

Fund Isaan has adjusted to this new situation;

1) Until further notice Sirinna, our employee, will work from home. She can be reached, as always, via phone, facebook, e-mail and line.

2) All school and student visits schedule since March 18 have been cancelled. Students were informed to submit their updated information using electronic formats such as e-mail, social media, etc. The scholarships for the first semester of 2020-2021 will be paid upon receipt of the requested information. Sufficient funds are available to guarantee the continuity of this program.

3) Computer Classroom Project 2020: Until further notice this years computer classroom project is scheduled for August 2020.

4) Teaching Volunteer project 2020: Bearing in mind above mentioned travel restrictions our volunteering program has been suspended until further notice. Luckily enough most schools are closed for the summer break. It is our sincere hope that things will get back to normal after the summer break.

We are monitoring closely the well-being of our scholarship students, whether at home on assignment or at school.

Several sponsoring events organized by our sponsors in Belgium have been cancelled. If this continues for much longer their might be a serious impact on our financials. Any support from individuals or organizations to assure the continuity of our activities would be highly appreciated.

Fund Isaan and the whole world are looking forward to seeing the end of the virus outbreak. Stay home and be safe.

More measures will be announced if needed.

Picture: Credit,Pharmaceutical Technology