Introducting Bae, our new Fund Isaan family member !

Bae, also known as Sirinna Manyuen, was born and raised in the Isaan region. Bae has three sisters. Bae has a lovely 1.5 year old daughter, Miliew

During her secondary studies at Chomphraprachason School Bae discovered her love for English and ... the school library; English was her favorite subject and the library her favorite place to be. After secondary school Bae went to Khon Kaen University, her major was Library and Information Science and her minor was English. She graduated with a high score of 3.12/4 in 1999.

After a short period as a teacher at Sukhothai Commercial College, Bae joined an international law firm in Bangkok in Januari 2000, where she worked as Researcher and Information officer for more than 8 years. Working in such an international environment allowed Bae to improve her English to close to perfect.

In 2010 Bae returned to her home province where she became an English Teacher at Surindra Rajabhat University, because, although she had enjoyed every moment at the company, her goal in life is to pay back to society.

With her experience running the admin in an international law office and as a teacher, but more important with her desire to give back to society, Bae is perfectly fit for her function with Fund Isaan.

In her first week on the job, she has already improved our office management, met with some of our scholarship students and schools and has done a ton of translation work.

I am sure that with Bae on board Fund Isaan has made a major step forward.

Please join me in welcoming Bae as part of the Fund Isaan family. You can reach Bae on following e mail address: