IT Class: Cheu Pleung School

After having successfully installed two computer classes at Ban Thanong School and Tabaowittaya schools we decided to do the same at Cheuploengwittaya (Cheun Pleung) school.

Cheun Pleung is a secondary school (level 7 to 12) situated in the village of Cheun Pleung in the province of Surin. Cheun Pleung offers education to almost 600 students. Cheun Pleung immediately agreed to our conditions as laid down in our memorandum of understanding. In this document the schools commits to put the classroom at the disposal of former students, other schools and adults and to organize adult IT classes. In return Fund Isaan handles the purchase, installment and maintenance of the computer class.

Even more than Tabao School, Cheun Pleung has two dedicated teachers that are really committed to provide IT lessons to their students. We provided them with 21 laptops a brand new Ricoh multifunctional printer/copier and a network connected to fast internet via wire.

Cheun Pleung was our third school. While the installation at our first school took us about ten working days, we were able to do the same in approximately seven days in our second school. In Cheun Pleung we finished the job within less than four days. It must however been said that that was only possible thanks to the support and commitment we received from the teachers, the director and their support staff.

In July 2009 our maintenance team visited the school for the first time. We were extremely happy with what we saw. The class was perfect! Except for a broken down mouse no repair at all was necessary. Taken into account the extreme temperatures and humidity in this part of Thailand we were amazed. This however does not mean that the computers were not used, on the contrary, the directories of all devices showed a very intensive use.

Congratulations to Cheu Pleung school, the children and the teachers.