January 2023: Digital Bootcamp

Following the success of our Digital Bootcamp back in November and seen the number of schools applying for a session at their premises we organized an additional three weeks in January.

Between January 10 and January 27 we visited below schools and universities with our one day Digital Bootcamp: "a vision of the future!"

The Fund Isaan Digital Bootcamp is a full day experience where students (age 17 to 20) discover the technologies of the future, such as “the internet of things”, “blockchain”, “deep fake”, “robotics”, “the metaverse”, artifical intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and many others.
Our volunteer facilitators guided students through these concepts in an interactive way, focusing on their own situation and living circumstances.
Our IT experts, active in the industry, took the students through several short sessions where they discovered in each session another technology/trend. At the end of the day the students were challenged to put the theory into practice by competing in a fun and exciting business case.
We reached over 600 students in different secondary schools and universities.
A big thank you to the schools and facilitators Alexander De Vlieger, Anya Neville and Daniel Lakin all from Deloitte Belgium.
Participating schools:
Weeratwat Yothin School
Radjabhat Surindra University
Surapin School
Sinarin Wittaya School
Kab Cheung Wittaya School
Rattanaburi school
Kok Takian School
Panon Dong Rak Wittaya School