March 2022: Our scholarship students are ready for the new academic year

It is important to us that our students don't have to worry about how to pay their next tuition fee, but instead can focus on their studies.

Late February we asked all of them to update us; how did they do in the last semester, what were their plans for the summer break and even more important for the next academic year?

Within three weeks all students replied ,including pictures, videos, etc... We screened their materials, translated it when necessary (although most of our students were able to reply us in English) and posted it on our website for their sponsors to see.

Obviously we also paid their next scholarship well in time for the start of the new school year. 

We attach one of these great videos to this article. It gives you a good impression of daily life for a typical Fund Isaan Scholarship student. Thank you Ploy for sharing!

We wish all of our scholarship students a well deserved summer break and a good start of the new academic year 22/23!