March 2024: So proud of our scholarship students!

Over the course of the last weeks we reached out to all our active scholarship students to:
1. check on their well-being;
2. pay their scholarship for the first semester of academic year 2024/2025.

We have students at secondary schools, vocational colleges and universities all over Thailand.

We were delighted to learn from their updates that all of our students are pursuing their  agreed upon education with impressive results.

27 of our scholarship students will graduate in the days and weeks to come, many of which have already been offered a position in a company, school or hospital. We will continue to follow up on all of them to make sure they find a job in line with their education.

Thanks to the support of our loyal sponsors we were able to add 19 new students to our scholarship program.

The impact of this program on our students and their families can not be overstated.

Thank you sponsors!
Well done students, we are proud of you!