May 2019: Scholarships hand-over first semester 2019-2020

Over the last two and a half months, Fund Isaan visited all its active scholarship students, to check on their status and performance and to pay their scholarship for the first semester of the upcoming academic year 2019/2020. We published articles and videos of each of them on our website, which can be consulted by their sponsors via a secure log-on.

Over 170 students, including 30 graduates, 30 newcomers and more than 110 existing scholarship students, spread over schools all over Thailand. That takes time, lots of time. 

It is encouraging to see that 98% of our students are on track to achieve their goals. Only two students decided to change their plans and combine work (during weekdays) and go to school (during the weekends). We will continue to follow up on them to make sure that things are going well.

As mentioned, 30 students graduated this year in different disciplines. Here are some details:

a. 20 students graduated with a bachelor degree in Law, Teaching, Nursing, Accounting, Computer, Science or Engineering.

b. 9 students graduated with a high certificate. 8 of them have already found a job in line with their studies, one student enrolled in the army.  

c. 1 student graduated from secondary school and has been offered a position at a company in Bangkok.

Moreover, almost 20 students graduated from secondary schools and will continue their studies at different universities. In which case, Fund Isaan will continue to support them.

It is encouraging to see that all students are motivated and successful in their studies, especially when you bear in mind that all of them were at risk of quitting school because of financial problems at some point in time. We cannot be more proud of our students. Congratulations to all of them!

Also, we very much appreciate the friendly and warm welcome by our students, their families, teachers and schools during our visits.

Special thanks to all our kind sponsors for their support. Their contributions truly make a difference to all our students in the Isaan region!