May 2023: Ten new computer classes!

Thanks to the support of our loyal sponsors Thaise Vrienden Wevelgem and Deloitte Belgium we were able to install 10 new computer classes in May 2023!

Like always we ordered the equipment, 210 portable computers, including windows and office licenses, from Close The Gap in Belgium.

On May 13, 2023 the pc’s arrived in Bangkok and were customs cleared. A few days later a truck delivered the shipment at our offices in Prasat Surin.

In the next days we tested each and every computer, adjusted the keyboards to the Thai language, activated the office license and installed our own software. To honour our sponsors we added the logo of our sponsors to the start-up screen on each device.

A week later we were ready to hand the pc’s over to the schools. These were pre-selected with to the help of Fund Isaan friend Mr. Thongpoon of the Surin Education Advisory Board and the Surin Education Office. This way we made sure the computers went to those schools that needed them most.

The selected schools were:

  1. Muang Thee School in Muang District;
  2. Surin Pittayakom School in Muang District;
  3. Surin Phakdee School in Muang District;
  4. Nong Sano Wittaya School in Sangkha District;
  5. Ban Chan School in Sangkha District;
  6. Mattayam Srisampaoloon School in Buached District;
  7. Ban Charas School in Buached District;
  8. Pracha Samakhi School in Kap Choeng District;
  9. Ban Roon School in Phanom Dong Rak District;
  10. Ban Khok Klang School in Phanom Dong Rak District.

This is always the highlight of the project! We thoroughly enjoyed the warm welcome at each school but even more the happy faces of the students when they were allowed to start working on the pc’s, using our bespoken Fund Isaan software including mathematics and English games.

We want to express our gratitude to our sponsors. Without their help our work would simply be impossible.