November 2021: 210 notebooks found a new owner!

Thanks to the support of our sponsors VZW Thaise Vrienden Wevelgem and delaware we were able to buy 210 refurbished notebooks HP and Lenovo i5 or i7 for our annual computer program.

We changed our approach in two ways:
1. instead of importing desktops we opted for notebooks this year;
2. as schools were still closed because of the covid pandemi we decided to first and foremost focus on our scholarship students to make sure they had a notebook for their online study.

End of October we informed our scholarship students via our line-community that they could get a free notebook from Fund Isaan. Less than one hour later the first scholarship student arrived at our office to pick up her notebook. By mid-november 70 scholarship students had received their new notebook for free.

100 notebooks were made available to teachers and non-affiliated students, under the condition that they were not for resale and to be used for education purposes only. Each teacher or student could only get one notebook.  We only recharged the cost of refurbishment which is about 25% of the actual value of the notebook. Without any publicity 100 notebooks found their way to their new owner in no time.

The remaining 40 computers were donated to three schools:

1. Ban Non Champa School;
2. Ban Nong Lek School;
3. Nikhom Sang Tong Eng Prasat School

A good friend of Fund Isaan was so kind to make a beautiful video compilation of the entire operation.

We hope you enjoy: