Over 65 scholarships handed out since March 10, still 40 to go!

In less than 40 days, we handed out over 65 scholarships mostly to newly accepted students.

On March 10 we handed out our first scholarship for the first semester 2017/2018. Yesterday we were at 65 scholarships. This means we visited 65 students, mostly at their house, to see how they and their familes were doing and to pay the first part of their scholarship for the next academic year. We listened to their stories and posted them on the secure part of our website where the respective sponsors can find news about their student or students.

Often we heard stories of hope and confidence:"despite my difficult financial situation I am going to finish my studies",

Sometimes we were told very sad stories; We paid one scholarship to one of our students at the funeral of her grandmother, another student her father had passed away recently, another student was devestated by the recent divorce of his parents, while yet another told us his father was fighting against cancer and has been in the hospital for the last three months while the cancer seems to be spreading.

But even in these difficult circumstances all of our students were convinced they will continue their study and will make a difference once graduated for their families, community and in general society.

I hope our little contribution, which we are only able to make thanks to the support of our sponsors, will help them a little in their quest for a better life. We will always be there for them.

Next week we will continue our visits and we hope to have visited all students around mid May, well before the start of the new academic year.