Scholarships Hand-over 2/2018-2019

Over the last two months, Fund Isaan was extremely busy visiting all its scholarship students, checking on their status and performance and paying their scholarship for the second semester of this academic year.

Not only do we reduce the financial burden for the families of our students we also try to motivate and encourage our scholarship students to commit to their studies.

Over a period of almost 8 weeks we visited most of our students, those we could not visit we were in touch with and we paid almost 900,000 THB to them. All of this would of course not be possible without the continuous support of our sponsors.

That our program is bearing fruits is proven. None of our students stopped school, on the contrary, at the end of this academic year 32 students graduated.

Here are some details:

a. 18 students will successfully graduate with a bachelor degree in Law, Teaching, Nursing, Computer, Science or Engineering.

b. 11 students will graduate with a high certificate; at least 4 have already confirmed they will continue studying to obtain a bachelor degree.

c. 3 students are graduating from secondary school and will continue for a high certificate. Almost 20 students who will graduate from secondary schools are busy preparing for their entrance exams to universities. In which case Fund Isaan will continue to support them.

It is encouraging to see that all students are motivated and successful in their studies, especially when you bear in mind that all of them were at risk of stopping school because of financial problems at some point in time.

We very much appreciate the friendly and warm welcome by our students and their families, teachers, schools and all associated committees.

Special thanks to all our kind sponsors for their support. Your contributions truly make a difference to all the students in the Isan region!