Scholarships Hand-over First Semester 2020-2021 done!

Despite the Covid crisis Fund Isaan was able to hand over all scholarships for the first semester of the upcoming academic year, to all its active scholarship students! This will allow them to pay their tuition fees in a timely manner.

It is encouraging to see that all our students are on track to achieve their goals.

This year we also celebrate the graduation of 16 scholarship students in different disciplines. Here are some details:

a. Ram, Poom, Pean, Tiw, Fern, Fern, Joy graduated with a bachelor degree either in English, Mathematics, Business Economics, Chemistry or Computer Science.

b. Jane, Nong, Woss, Kanoon, Took, Petty, Gob graduated with a high certificate in Accounting, Mechanics, Logistics, Office Management, Food Science or Agricultural.

c. Mod and Joy graduated from secondary school and have been offered a position at a company in Surin and Bangkok.

The majority of our graduates already found a job in line with their education and this despite numerous job cuts following the covid crisis.

32 students graduated from secondary schools and will continue their studies at different universities.

Fund Isaan granted 22 new students a scholarship. They are studying at Surin Technical College, Sangkha Industrial and Community Education College, Thatum Industrial and Community Education College, Surindra Rajabhat University, Prasat Witthayakarn School, Buached Witthaya School, Srisuk Witthaya School, Chomphraprachasan School and Phanom Dongrak Witthaya School.  

It is encouraging to see that all students are successful in their studies, especially when you bear in mind that all of them were at risk of quitting school because of financial problems at some point in time. We are extremely proud of our students. Congratulations to all of them!

Special thanks to all our kind sponsors for their support. Their contributions truly make a difference!

Stay safe. 

Fund Isaan Team.