Scholarships Hand-over second semester 2019-2020 done !

Over the last two months, Fund Isaan contacted all its active scholarship students, to get an update and to pay their scholarships for the second semester 2019/2020.

All but two of our students are on track to achieve their goals. Two students are on a sabbatical year to prepare for the next entrance exams to university.

Over 20 students started their first year at different universities all over Thailand. All successfully adjusted to life at the university, away from home. We have engineers, accountants, science, IT, language and mathematics teachers and a lot of public health officers and nurses amongst our beloved scholarship students!

A significant number of our students will graduate at the end of this semester with a university degree. Some already have job offerings!

We are very proud of all our students. Congratulations to all of them!

It is encouraging to see that all students are motivated and successful, especially when you bear in mind that all of them were at risk of quitting school because of financial problems at some point in time.

Special thanks to all our sponsors for their ongoing support. Their contributions truly make a difference to all our students in the Isaan region!