September 2022: Our graduates in the spotlight

We are extremely proud; this year 27 Fund Isaan scholarship students graduated!
Five of our students (Lin, Rong, May, Whan and Pook) graduated with a degree in teaching;, including science (1), Thai language (1), computer engineering (2) and early childhood (1). 
Three of our students (Jack, Benz and Un) obtained a high certificate in Accounting. 
Ning, Neen and Fai got a high certificate in Electronics/Electrical Power. 
Folk became a degree in Psychology and is now working as a recruiter.
Patt obtained a degree in Logistics, while Mo landed a high certificate in Logistics.
A degree in Computer Business went to Kik, while May and Jah settled for a high certificate in Computer Business.
Mint graduated as a practical nurse (short course).
Golf and May graduated with a degree in Hotel Management, Golf works in a prestigious hotel in Bangkok.
Bo obtained a high certificate in Office Management.
Mos, Mac, Poon and Yod graduated with a high certificate in Mechanics.
Finally Mew and Ice settled for a high school diploma.
And what is even more impressive, most of our graduates managed to land a job in line with their education and this just months after their graduation!
We are extremely proud of all our scholarship students! Congratulations to all of you!
And we are extremely grateful for the support of our sponsors who allow us to help these students! You guys make a real difference.
For fifteen years Fund Isaan has been supporting underprivileged students, the results are amazing; over 200 alumni and 120 active students, pursuing their dreams!